Air Release Valve

Ball Float Type Air Vent Valves

Also availabale Ball Float Type Air Vent Valves in stainless steel body.


Air Release Valves

BEP Ball Float vents are designed for automatic removal of air & non-condensable gases from liquid lines.

The gas accumulated in the upper part of the valve installed at the highest point creates the pressure and thereby lowers the float which opens the outlet orifice & discharge the gas to the atmosphere.

The plug valve type discharge orifice of vent valve ensures efficient & maintenance free operation with zero leakage.

BEP vents are very much suitable for venting of Water/oil pipelines, storage tanks & process equipment.

Pressure Range - up to 63 Bar

Size - 15mm to 200mm

End Conn - Screwed / Socket Weld End / Flanged

Air venting capacity - upto 1240 Nm³ / Hr.

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