Moisture Separator - Centrifugal Type

Centrifugal Moisture Separator

BEP high efficiency Centrifugal Type moisture Separator are specifically designed for the extraction of liquid particles from air/ gas flow. A rotary motion is imparted to the air/gas flow by means of a guiding device with a high circulatory velocity. The particles, water droplets contained in the air/gas are flung on to the separator wall by centrifugal force and are collected at the bottom. The cleaned dry air/gas leaves the separator through a central dip tube. The collected moisture at the bottom of separator casing is Automatically drain by BEP Auto drain trap. The collecting chamber is fitted with a cover plate which prevent the separated ,moisture being picked up again and carried forward. BEP moisture separator cannot become clogged and their Performance remains constant with a uniformly/low pressure drop.

Pressure Range - Up to 63 Kg/Cm2

Sizes - 25mm to 300mm

Media - Steam / Compressed air / Pressurised gases

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