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Double Window Sight Glass
Condensate monitor for installation into horizontal pipes

Condensate monitor for installation into horizontal pipes. Flow direction is possible from right to left or in reversed direction (same fitting position).

Condensate monitor for installation into vertical pipes

Condensate monitor for installation into vertical pipes. Flow direction is possible downward or upwards with the same fitting position.

inspection glass

Indication visible on the inspection glass. If the condensate level is pressed below the dividing reinforcement (figure on the right and in the middle) that means loss of vapor. The figures show at the extent of penetrating vapor is visible. The figure on the left shows the perfect working of the condensate discharger (condensate level shortly under the dividing reinforcement or also above it).

Sizes: Flanged DN 15, 20, 25, 40, 50
Operation limits:
Max. operating pressure, bar 16 13 11 10
Max. operating temprature, C 120 200 220 250
Test pressure bar 24 24 24 24

Application: The condensate monitor will show the flow actions. It is possible to find out, whether a condensate discharger is defective and permeable to vapor (see figure 3). Condensate monitors are used for the supervision of condensate lines or condensate discharger (visual control).

Function: The dividing reinforcement under the inlet and outlet bore holes provides a hydraulic seal. Condensate, vapor and gas are led around the dividing reinforcement through the hydraulic seal. The specifically lighter medium, vapor, runs over the condensate and presses down the condensate level at the dividing reinforcement. Figure 3 shows different conditions installed between condensate discharger and heating surface.

Indication for installation: The condensate monitors has to be installed before the condensate discharger that is in the supply conduit. An installation after the condensate discharger would falsify the correct effect because of the existing flash vapor. It can be installed at any place between heating surface and condensate discharger.

Special Features: No movable parts. The ample measuring and indicator space enables a distinct separation of condensate and vapor (or condensate and compressed air), a smooth flow without swirled and therefore a good evaluation of the visual indicator at the specifically developed dividing reinforcement.

Please state the following when making inquires orders: Operating pressure, Operating temperature, medium, nominal width, installation info horizontal or vertical pipes.

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