Thermostatic Steam Vent

Thermostatic Air Vent

Thermostatic Air Vent - Steel

Also availabale Thermostatic Air Vent in stainless steel body

Model - 1640

Connections - 15/20 NB screwed end.

Operational Limit - 28 Kg/cm2.

Material of Construction - S. S. Body and Internals.

Max. operating temp - 300 Degree C.

Media - Condensate

Function -

A special liquid contained within the capsule evaporates or condenses due to changes in temperature. The operating temperature is only a few degrees below the boiling point of water. When the temperature rises, the liquid evaporates and the valve closes; when the temperature drops, the liquid condenses and the valve opens.

Special characteristics -

Due to the very slight temperature drop, accumulation of the condensate is reduced. The capsule reacts to temperature changes immediately. This system ensures prevention of looses in live steam and is insensitive to water hammer and back pressure.

Installation - Horizontal or vertical

Capacity - As per the performance diagram.

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